Secured Loans

Need cash but it seems like no type of loan works for you?

Have valuable assets and consider using them to get a cash loan?

Want to take advantage of a cash loan with no credit check?

NCR Financial Services will arrange a secured loan (collateralized loan) for you!

Getting a secured loan is probably one of the easiest ways to get cash with no risk of damaging your credit rating, without any credit checks or delays. Even on the most rainy day, there is an additional option to get cash fast: virtually any valuable asset (an asset of high value and of high liquidity) can be used as collateral to obtain a secured loan.

Not sure if you have anything of value to be used as collateral?

Feel free to discuss your secured loan with us at any time! We are sure that we can assist you to figure out what assets you may use as collateral for your asset-based loan and help to get your cash fast. We aim at providing a long grace period to make sure you don’t lose your assets, even if you will default on your loan.