Are you a first time home buyer?

Do you need a second mortgage?

Plan to re-mortgage an existing one?

We are here to help you with all your Mortgage-related needs, from A to Z!

We help home buyers(or builders) to obtain a loan either to purchase or secure against the property. NCR Financial Services is the solution for your financial needs, regardless of the loan amount or method of the loan re-payment. We aim at helping you to get the most affordable interest rate on your mortgage loan!

Tired of real estate brokers' jargon and complicated interest rate calculations!

We will speak the language our client understands and will explain the benefits of each finance option available for our customers clearly. After all – we aim at helping you to get the mortgage you need, fast!

Don't have a big down payment? No problem!

Depending on the loan duration and the loan amount, there might be no need for you to put a big down payment. We will help you to get the most reasonable,balanced interest rate and re-payment schedule to make sure you are fully satisfied with how your mortgage is being repaid.

Banks turned you down? We will help you to get the money anyway!

We have direct access to many financial institutions and we will work with your to ensure that the payments of the principal and interest over a term of the mortgage loan are affordable and carefully planned in advance. Qualified customers can get approved for a mortgage as fast as the next day.